Fire Alarm Systems

Catastrophe from fire has the potential to strike a business or home at any time. But with the right preparation, the damage can be minimized if not outright thwarted. Disruptions due to fire, costs time and financial constraints, and could amount to losses that may never be recovered.

A more critical potential risk associated with a sudden fire is the loss of life. When it comes to a fire, installing a sophisticated Fire Alarm System minimizes that risk especially in areas of the building where fires are likely to occur.

Total destruction related to fire can be traced to the lack of critical early warning systems for detection of a fire. Having this would allow for appropriate response in a timely manner.

Why Your Business Demands an Early Detection System

The most critical time during a fire, is the first two minutes. With the first sparks of a fire and the first few wisps of smoke, any business should have an appropriate Fire Alarm System in place to detect and notify authorities immediately.

With a reliable Fire Alarm System in place, a disaster can be averted, and one can assist the fire department with information to respond in a timely and efficient manner. Quickly locating and containment of the fire while minimizing its destruction is key, and by this means save the business time and money presently and in the future.

A fire alarm system assists in a business for example, alerts owners, employees, and customers to the fact that a dangerous situation is in progress – while at the same time notifying the fire department where to locate the fire when responding.

A sophisticated Fire Alarm System with built in automatic fire detection capabilities, can instantly detect and report smoke and fire, and send instant notification through an automated system to both local authorities and the fire department and even call to key managers if the business prefers.

Such a Fire Alarm System provides focus on the critical factors of evacuation to prevent casualties and death, as well as preserving essential business assets when possible. A Fire Alarm System must be housed in a control panel which is destruction proof. The system usually makes use of a bell monitor and two phones lines, and comes with a master keypad, and an indicator light.

Omni Fire Safety offers a variety of options for Fire Alarms Systems. As part of any sound risk strategy or disaster plan, businesses as well as homes must diligently prepare for fires. The working environment must take proper precautions to prevent fires.

It should have in place the right tools such as fire extinguishers, fire blankets, fire safety boxes, first aid kits, and the right type of fire alarm systems installed in strategic locations throughout the building, just in case of an outbreak of a fire.

It is also very important to keep in mind that a fire usually happens without warning. Due to the likelihood of great losses, early detection and warning are the keys to saving lives and assuring the integrity of the business or home.

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